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Whatever the size and complexity of the fire detection system – either networked or a standalone system – for small, large, single or multiple sites, Apollo Alarms has the required expertise.

Apollo Alarms can design, install, maintain and monitor systems using the latest technologies. Even if you have fire systems from several different suppliers you need only one maintenance company, Apollo Alarms. Fire alarm monitoring by Apollo Alarms dedicated network of alarm receiving centers ensures rapid response to any alarm activation.

Fire Panels are at the heart of any fire system. Every device links back to the panel and communicates with it. In addressable fire systems every single device can be interrogated and analyzed from the panel.

Fire Alarm Detector

This is very useful when system tests and fault finding. Another advantaged of this type of system is that you can isolate specific devices rather than whole zones which will allow for phased evacuation procedures which are particularly useful in large buildings. 

Also intelligent systems allow for phased evacuation procedures to be programmed into the system. Conventional systems are not as intelligent and can only see faults or fires in certain zones and not a specific area as with addressable systems.

Where wiring could be a problem (such as a listed building) Apollo Alarms can offer a comprehensive WIRELESS Fire Alarm System and avoid installation disruption, mess and noise.

Apollo Alarms are Proudly Third-Party Accredited to BAFE SP203-1

Apollo Alarms are third-party accredited to BAFE SP203-1 – view our company profile here and learn more about BAFE-203-1.

We are accredited for the design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of fire safety systems. This UK accreditation scheme gives you added peace of mind that we work to the highest standard in fire safety. 

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