Electronic Gates and Barriers

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Electronic Gates and Barriers

Electrically operated gate installations can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. It is important that you decide which facilities you require before placing an order.

Similarly, it is important that you do not waste money installing facilities that are unnecessary for your requirements.

This is why we spend as much time as is necessary discussing with our clients the best ‘modus operandi’ that will meet their requirements. It is only when we have a full picture of a potential customer’s needs that we can offer sensible advice based on our experience of installing electrically operated gates/barriers.

Working alongside our partners, CAME, many of the electronic gates available can be linked with Home Automation services to make your smart home even smarter and more secure.

Legislation regarding the installation and maintenance of electrically powered gates has changed dramatically and we adhere to these standards without exception.

Safety is, as always, our primary concern. Our electronic gates meet safety regulations and UK legislation.


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